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Home Based Services -BehaviorWISE

Direct therapy occurs in a 1:1 setting. Your child will be assigned a BCBA that will conduct the initial assessment, develop goals, and provide supervision and parent training. Your child will also be assigned a therapist that will work directly with your child, implementing each of their goals. 

Parent Training -ParentWISE

Parent training is provided for anyone enrolled in direct ABA. Parent training is also offered as a stand alone service for anyone who is not eligible for direct ABA services but can still benefit from learning behavioral strategies and interventions to use at home. For example, if your child is engaging in tantrums, school refusal, or physical aggression this service is for you! 

School Based Services 

Be Wise Behavior provides school based services for clients in the school setting. Depending on the funding source,  ABA may be able to be provided in the school setting. In addition, functional behavior assessments, classroom teacher training, behavior intervention plans, and professional development presentations are offered! 

Social Skills Groups-SociallyWISE

SociallyWISE Social Skills Group coming soon! 

Specialized Consultative Services 

Be Wise Behavior provides Specialized Consultative Services through Medicaid C Innovations. 

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